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I can’t wait to start my letter writing party!

For the love of old-fashioned mail . . . with your name on it.

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I’ll kick it off with a card to send you holiday blessings and a cheery new year. Then I’ll send you at least 4 additional notes of encouragement throughout 2019.

I believe it’s so important to have others cheering you on as you chase your dreams and reach your goals, experience transitions and need support.

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If you have something specific on your heart and I can help you feel supported and encouraged, please share it here. Your dreams and hopes matter and I'm here to serve you.
There is a charm to letters and cards that emails and smses can’t ever replicate, you cannot inhale them, drawing the fragrance of the place they have been mailed from, the feel of paper in your hand bearing the weight of the words contained within.
— Kiran Manral, The Face at the Window
There must be millions of people all over the world who never get any love letters... I could be their leader.
— Charlie Brown


Jennifer Lopez



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