What can a working mom and stay-at-home mom find in common?

We are the same, you and me.  For years, I believed the lie that we were in two different camps.  We couldn't possibly have common ground.  You wouldn't understand me.  I wouldn't understand you.  We would each resent each other for what the other was doing or not doing.

I would assume things about you and you would assume things about me.  Assume things like how nice it must be to have freedom and not have to answer to other people for your day.  Or you would assume how nice it must be to leave the house and not have to deal with the kids all day. 

We would compare ourselves and feel frustrated by the lies that being a stay-at-home mom is the hardest job in the world and being a working mom must mean that you don't love your kids as much.  Or being a stay-at-home mom was easy, and being a working mom was easy.  Of course, we would each want to get trapped in the comparison of how her day was easier or better. 

But, no.  We are actually the same.  We both answer to other people all day--and have demands and pressures and shoulds and tasks.  We have duties and lists and appointments and things to manage.  We have to love people, share our heart, lead with grace.  We have to be tough and manage through our anger and try not to wear our heart on our sleeve.

We are the same.  We have eyes that watch us and ears that listen to us.  We have outside relationships that require our attention even when we have a list a mile long of things to do.  We have to call our own mothers and thank them for all they ever did.

Mom, we are the same, you and I.  We must let go of comparing our to-do lists or accomplishments on the basis of another.  We must let go of comparing our "good motherhood" to another on the basis of how many minutes a day we spent tending to our childrens' needs.  We are all doing what we love, regardless of how it looks, and if what we love gifts our children with a variety of choices, then we are living very blessed.  And our children are learning that there is no one "right" way to live, but will have to form their own thoughts and opinions about what they long to do as they grow up by watching the women around us come together and recognize that we are all the same.  We are choosing love.