Luxe Rose Box

Have you ever loved a rose,
and watched her slowly bloom;
And as her petals would unfold,
you grew drunk on her perfume.

Have you ever seen her dance,
Her leaves all wet with dew;
And quivered with new romance—
The wind, he loved her too.

-Lang Leuv

Designing Client Gifts

One aspect of my work has always been discovering ways to delight clients.  One of those ways is to come up with a creative gift that will "speak" the appropriate message, offer a simple pleasure and express appreciation. 

A box full of cheery roses can do just that, especially when working on intense leadership and emotional intelligence work.  Opening up to places in ourselves that require deep work is not for the faint of heart, and is the ultimate act of self-love.  How appropriate to receive a luxe rose box as a symbol of the journey to flourishing.

This creative idea was found on a chic DIY site, A Pair and a Spare.