One-on-One Leadership Coaching Intensive


One-on-One Leadership Coaching Intensive


Lead. Empower. Thrive.

You're a shining example of how women are thriving and closing gaps and relieving stereotypes.

You dream big, achieve, and you’re pursuing dreams, but you may be experiencing a wake-up call or the effects of power stress. You know that you need strategies & soul talk to revive yourself and come back to life.

You desire to create space and feel safe in speaking your truth and know you want a partner to navigate your next transition.

You're an executive or lead your own company and know that you need this time to talk openly about your current desires and challenges. You need a few practical leadership tools, business support, and guidance.

Take the weight off and breathe. You've come to the right place.

This package includes:

6 hours each month of coaching (2-4 calls customized to fit your needs) for 3 months, with priority scheduling.

Unlimited email access between sessions.

Practical Tools & Resources (sharing strategies, practical tools for project management and leadership, project/performance management templates, etc.)

Monthly payment plan also available at $540/month. Inquire at

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