Living Beautiful Intensive: Reservation


Living Beautiful Intensive: Reservation

50.00 150.00

Lead. Empower. Thrive. and Live Beautiful.

You're a shining example of how women are thriving and closing gaps and relieving stereotypes.

You dream big, achieve, and you’re pursuing dreams, but you may be experiencing a wake-up call or the effects of power, personal and business stress. You know you need strategies to revive and renew.

You want to create space in your life and speak your truth, to have presence, and live compassionately, energized, & intentional— still getting results with grace and ease.

You know that you need this time to talk openly about your current desires and challenges, surrounded by a group of like-minded women to support you as you move ahead. You desire room for creativity & inspiration, connection & community, practical solutions & support.

This package includes:

An exclusive experience, combined group coaching and one-to-one coaching.

  • 3 group coaching intensive sessions,

    • Group Session 1: Setting Intentions, Personal Vision

    • Group Session 2: Strengths & Opportunities, Your Personal Agenda

    • Group Session 3: Experimenting/Design, Put into Practice

    • Additional-

      • Cultivating Community: Celebration Dinner

      • Cultivating Creativity: Putting Your Hands to Work, Using Design and Creativity to Inspire You and Cultivate new ideas.

  • 3 One-to-One Custom Coaching Sessions, scheduled with you in between group sessions. (Can be conducted in person or over the phone).

  • Email Access in between sessions

  • 3 bonus One-to-One Coaching Sessions, available to you any time for up to one year after the close of the program ($525 Value).

*Program runs from March 3-May 11.

Group Sessions are scheduled on Sundays, 3-6 PM.

  • March 3

  • April 7

  • May 5

Group Coaching Sessions held at Limelight in Ohio City.

One-to-One Sessions can be held in person or over the phone and will be scheduled directly with you during the program.

Total Cost of Program: $450.

  • $150 Reservation Fee (ONLY $50 if booked by February 15)

  • $150 Payment due March 3

  • $150 Payment due April 7

Limited Space Available. This experience is designed with you in mind—to delight in divine & beautiful things, and cultivate authentic community.

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