A few Holiday Mom Stories + Intentional Living


I hope the season brings you some delight, joy, and peace—and some quiet! In this podcast, I share a few stories of my own this holiday season—mom stories and getting back to intentional living. Taking the time to really enjoy the wonderful things of life and embracing the beautiful space in between the running around errands that happen not only now during the holidays, but all year round! I highlight some of the benefits of intentional living, and how to stop and enjoy some of the wonderful simple things we all want.

I also introduced the folloiwng offerings for 2019:

  • My very first 10 week Coaching Intensive for women local to CLE. Learn more here.

  • Email Coaching Plans for a flexible, customized coaching opportunity for women everywhere.

  • Free letters of encouragement to support you as you dream and grow in 2019. Sign up here to receive 2019 Letters.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you!