I help leading women live a beautifully integrated life:

To live soulfully and lead powerfully.

To live intentionally.

To take inspired, meaningful, and aligned action.

To thrive in relationships.

You're a revolutionary leader with vision and a mission, not only a bottom-line game plan.  You desire to thrive in everything you've worked to grow and build, with joy and your commitment to yourself, your family, career and community.

And you and your vision, mission, and business are unique. 

I specialize in coaching and consulting designed to fully support you—and a place for real conversations and developing strategies that work. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I help with project management, practical guidance and resources—collaborating with you to bring clarity out of ambiguity, and define work into meaningful & manageable action steps. I use approaches grounded in design thinking, Appreciative Inquiry, and Emotional Intelligence, so our focus when we work together is not on what’s wrong. It’s on drawing out what’s working and building on it, designing plans that specifically support you and your business . . . Finding those sweet spots and highlighting them for results that matter.

I want you to feel at ease and be inspired in your work, so I am committed to spending time with you to get to the heart of what you need most right now.

I want to learn about your life, business, and your current dreams & desires, and offer you a customized plan based on those intentions.


Plans offered range from individual coaching calls to full year engagements, complete with coaching, project management, practical tools, resources, and referrals.

My goal is to serve you and see you thrive.

If you know this is for you, connect with me here.

Leadership Coaching & Consulting


You have a movement you’ve created.  You're a revolutionary woman leading a cause, serving your community, and growing in your career. You live soulfully and lead powerfully.

This may be right for you if the following speaks to you:

  • You desire presence and intentional living while leading.

  • You’re here to make an impact in the world from a place of joy.

  • You want a safe place to share your truth, feel inspired, and create meaningful & manageable action plans.

  • You lead courageously.

  • You're feeling caught between building dreams and keeping it simple.

  • You desire to build and maintain thriving teams and organizations.

  • You’re looking for practical and down-to-earth business support & strategies that inspire action.

Get started here.